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Learning Management System: The Learning Management System (LMS) is the core technology piece for operating an online learning program. The LMS typically provides support for presenting a variety of online content, including multi-media, various assignments and assessments, communication tools, an online grade book, and core administrative features. …more info

Learning Content Management System: A Learning Content Management System (LCMS) provides the flexibility to have your online content organized in ways other than a traditional online course. While not all online learning programs utilize a LCMS, the added functionality is very powerful. …more info

Student Information System: A Student Information System (SIS) stores and manages all the basic information about students such as demographic information, student schedule, and student performance data. A SIS is a familiar administrative component for a brick and mortar school and is also a critical component for an online learning program. …more info

Reporting: Online learning programs have a variety of reporting needs whether it is a required state report, information for your governing board, or reports that help you determine how well you are meeting program goals. Many of the necessary reports will be provided by your LMS and/or SIS. Understanding your reporting needs is important as it will assist you in selecting the LMS and SIS that meets your overall needs. …more info

Web Conferencing Tools: Synchronous web conferencing tools are a critical communication component for most online learning programs. In some cases, the necessary collaboration tools are part of your LMS or are integrated into your LMS. In other cases, these tools are part of a stand-alone system. …more info