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Providing the proper support for your students is critical to the success of your online learning program. This section provides information on the full spectrum of different student support categories that online learning programs provide.

Student Recruitment: A positive online learning experience for your students begins with the student recruitment process. Online learning is still relatively unknown by most students and parents. The recruitment process provides opportunities to help students and parents understand what is required to be successful. …more info

Student Support: Student support encompasses a wide array of services starting with guidance counseling, enrollment, and orientation and continues with technical support, academic support, and mentoring. This topic will provide information on how these services can be provided for different program types. …more info

Special Education: A common myth is that online learning is only for certain types of students and thus not appropriate for students with disabilities. The reality is that students with a wide variety of disabilities are achieving success in online learning. This topic will provide information on the various items your program needs to be aware of when supporting this group of students. …more info