Your Guide to K-12
Online Learning

Starting an online learning program is a daunting task which often can be overwhelming. If you have come to this web site, you probably already know this. The information and resources provided here have been compiled and organized to help you feel less overwhelmed.

The majority of content on this site is intended for program administrators — the people that are either investigating the possibility of creating an online learning program or have already been assigned this task. The site also contains useful information for policy makers — state legislators, staff members at the state department of education, and district administrators who wish to establish a positive policy environment for online learning.

There are many existing resources for K-12 online learning. For individuals who are just getting started with the process, the number of resources can be a challenge to navigate. As much as possible, this site includes excerpts or links to these existing resources, as opposed to re-creating the information. You may want to think of this site as your guide through the land of K-12 online learning, helping you to navigate and organize all of this information. Hopefully, we can also help you to avoid some of the pitfalls others have experienced.

There is a lot of information presented on this web site and we hope that you find it hopeful. We have prepared a page on How to Navigate this Site that you may find helpful to review before exploring the rest of the site. If you have any suggestions or corrections for the web site please send us a message.

As you are traveling along your journey, you may discover that you would benefit from the services of more experienced guides. If so, iNACOL can connect you with consultants who can provide a wide array of services. iNACOL and its consultants offer an extensive variety of programs and services — from Needs Assessments to Online Course Reviews and professional development opportunities.