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Whether you are starting a program within a school, a nationwide online school, or anything in between, your policies will provide the structure and broad guidelines for your program. Perhaps more importantly, the process of creating those policies will require your team and your stakeholders to discuss critical issues and in doing so, further clarify your vision and how it is implemented.


What do we mean by a policy? Click here for more information.


As you use this website, recognize that policy creation and implementation may be different in your situation than what is stated or implied here. Your governance structure will definitely have an impact on your policies, so adapt the relevant information to your program as you see fit to comply with the myriad of laws, statutes, rules, guidance, policies, practices, processes, and procedures which govern your program. Funding issues are presented in their own section of this website.

We break this complex policy section into four primary areas, each with multiple subcategories. Clicking on any of the links below will take you to the specific policy area or subcategory.

All policy information and examples provided here is to be used as general guidance only. In all cases, specific policies should be reviewed by the program’s attorney and governing body. Policy adoption should follow relevant established district or school procedures and bylaws, and should comply with the laws of the state(s) and country(s) where the program resides and functions.


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Teacher-Related Policies

Curriculum & Instruction

Student-Related Policies