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Getting Started


To get your program development off to a solid start, you and your team will need to make numerous fundamental decisions. These initial decisions provide the framework on which you will design your program ensuring that it meets your particular needs, priorities and resource availability.

The following topics discuss those decisions that need to be made towards the very beginning of the process of starting your online learning program:

What Does Online and Blended Learning Look Like?: For those without experience with online and blended learning, it can be difficult to get a mental picture. This page provides video clips that will help you better understand what online and blended learning looks like. …more info

Nature of the Organization: Online learning programs vary greatly. There is no single right way to design an online learning program. Although all programs try to provide educational opportunities that were previously unavailable, the specific reasons for creating programs, the target audiences, the goals and the barriers can take many different forms. This topic helps you in determing the defining characteristics of your online learning program. …more info

Start-Up Funding: Sufficient start-up funds and sustainable funding are critical to the long-term health of your program. There are multiple models for funding, and much depends on the type of organization you are, the school funding laws in your state, and the level of support you can expect from outside your organization. This topic describes initial funding sources, while the Funding Section of this web site provides information on how online learning programs are funded on an ongoing basis.…more info

Stakeholders: Online learning programs, like schools in general, have a very complex network of stakeholders. Clearly identifying who these stakeholders are and what role you want each to have will help ensure that you include multiple areas of expertise in your decision making. This will help you minimize resistance and engage people in promoting your program. This topic will help you identify your key stakeholders, provide suggestions for how you can reach out to them, and how to define the roles of each group of stakeholders.…more info