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There are a number of documents that may be helpful when understanding funding issues for your online learning program. These documents are listed below and were used as input in the creation of this section. In some cases, content or resources have been taken directly from one of these documents as indicated in footnotes throughout the section. The specific references are found in the Footnote section below. If the publication is available online, a link is also provided.

Useful Documents

Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning. This annual publication of the Evergreen Education Group provides the latest information on state-level policy and practice.

20/20 Costs and Funding of Virtual Schools. This document written by Augenblick, Palaich, & Associates for the BellSouth Foundation provides information about factors that impact the cost of state virtual schools and full-time online programs.


1 Watson, John, Gemin, Butch, Ryan, Jennifer, & Wicks, Matthew. (2009). Keeping Pace With K-12 Online Learning: An Annual Review of State-Level Policy and Practice. Evergreen Education Group. Page 21.