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Build or Buy?

Should your program build your courses, buy them, or a little of both? The answer to this complex question depends primarily on the available resources, the skills of your staff, and your timeline. This topic outlines the pros and cons of both builidng and buying or licensing courses. If you’re considering building one or more courses, this topic provides some basic information about getting started.

Pros & Cons: There are excellent reasons why you might want to create your own courses, and equally excellent reasons for purchasing or licensing them from a provider. In some cases, programs choose to purchase or license core courses but develop their own particular electives to meet a unique need. This section identifies many of the factors to be considered as you decide whether to build your own course(s). …more info

Course Production: In many ways, creating an online course is similar to writing a textbook. You’ll need at least a content expert, an instructional designer, and a web developer. You’ll need a clear process, including budget, timeline and design standards. The process can be both challenging and rewarding. This section provides additional detail about what is needed if you decide to create your own course(s). …more info