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Course Licensing & Purchasing Models

A wide range of options exists for licensing courses, from per semester tuition programs to perpetual licenses to comprehensive service providers. Often programs mix and match license types to maximize cost effectiveness for high enrollment and low enrollment courses. This information does not replace the need to shop carefully and be sure you understand the models that your vendors present.

Course Licensing: Course licensing is by far the most common means of providing a comprehensive curriculum. There are a large and growing number of commercial providers that vary greatly in the types of courses they offer, the quality of the courses, and the cost. This section describes the typical licensing models used by many of the commercial providers. …more info

Comprehensive Service Providers: Comprehensive service providers don’t just supply course content. They typically also supply the Learning Management System, Student Information System, and maybe their own teaching staff and even school management. These include turnkey systems where the provider handles everything and district partnerships where the district and the provider each have responsibilities for various components of the operation. …more info

Additional Content Licensure Models: Online content and related licensure models continue to evolve and grow increasingly varied. Complete online courses represent just a portion of the content available to online learning programs. Additional content and services, even if they were designed for face-to-face classes, can be integrated into online coursework to provide the foundation for a course or just enhance the online experience. Two particular categories, Open Educational Resources (OER) and Content Repositories, are growing quickly in number and popularity. …more info