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There are a number of documents that may be helpful when making decisions regarding the curriculum for your online learning program. These documents are listed below and were used as input in the creation of this category.

Useful Documents

A National Primer on K-12 Online Learning. This iNACOL publication written by John Watson provides a good overview for people just getting started with online learning.

Getting Students More Learning Time Online: Distance Education in Support of Expanded Learning Time in K-12 Schools. This Center for American Progress research publication written by Cathy Cavanaugh provides the research basis for expanding online learning opportunities to all schools.

Goals, Guidelines, and Standards for Student Scientific Investigations. This iNACOL publication written by Kemi and Jona & John Adsit provide guidance on how to design online science content so that the scientific inquiry process can be superior to what most students experience in a traditional science classroom.

Management and Operations of Online Programs. This document from the iNACOL Promising Practices Series written by John Watson and Butch Gemin provide information about all aspects of online learning program operations.

National Standards of Quality for Online Courses. Quality standards specific to online course content.