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What Does Online and Blended Learning Look Like?

One of the first questions that many people that are new to online and blended learning is, What does this look like?

While this sounds like a simple question, the reality is that there can be a lot of variety in what online learning and blended learning programs look like because there are many types of online and blended learning programs. Additional information about the different ways online and blended learning programs may be structured can be found on The Dimensions of Online and Blended Learning page.

So while there is no single answer to this question, the purpose of this page is to provide some of the possible answers by providing video clips for specific programs.

The Basics of Blended Learning

Education Elements provides a great overview on blended learning and implementing technology in the classroom. Watch this video for a high-level overview of blended learning concepts.

The Future of Learning

This video, produced by 2Revolutions, provides a brief overview of the need for education reform and describes the future of education, designed around new learning models.

iNACOL Quality Standards Video #1

This is the first video (in a series of eight) highlighting iNACOL’s standards for quality courses and teaching as put into practice in online and blended learning environments.

iNACOL Quality Standards Video #1 – Online Interaction from iNACOL on Vimeo.


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