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Nature of the Organization

Online learning programs vary greatly. There is no single right way to design an online program. Although all programs try to provide educational opportunities that were previously unavailable, the specific reasons for creating programs, the target audiences, the goals and the barriers can take many different forms. This topic helps you in determing the defining characteristics of your online program.

Purpose and Audience: There are many reasons to create an online program and many types of students that can benefit from such programs. Understanding how and why your organization determined the program’s and the specific students you’ll target is critical to its ultimate success. …more info

Market Analysis: As you begin to better understand your purpose and target audience, it is also important to understand the potential demand and how you will market your online program. …more info

Online Program Types and Characteristics: The particulat characteristics of your program will depend on the purposes and goals you’ve established. Numerous variables such as the geographic reach of the program, whether it is full time or part time, or whether you should require face time, further define your program and support its goals. …more info

Mission and Vision Statements: Mission and vision statements can provide a concise way to share your program’s identity with a wide range of audiences. Such statements can also describe how the online learning program fits into any parent organization such as a school district or regional consortium. …more info

The Challenges of Online Learning: Developing an online program brings with it all the excitement that education has to offer. However, there are many challenges to starting and maintaining a program. Being aware of and anticipating those challenges will help you create and maintain a high-quality, successful online program. … more info