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Grants and Donations


A wide range of grants may be available during the start-up phase. These grants may be from public or private sources, be small and local in scope or be large, national programs. Grants can cover the costs of anything from hardware to courseware to staffing.

Grant availability depends on many factors and needs and may include fund awards based on:

  • Target student population (e.g. demographic characteristic, location)
  • Population density or location of the students to be served
  • Use of a particular brand of hardware or software
  • Innovative approach to teaching & learning
  • Focus on a particular content area
  • Focus on a particular type of course (e.g. Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate)
  • Focus on a particular type of school (e.g. charter, private, hybrid)

Numerous grant notification services and web sites are available that provide updated information on available grants. Some of these services are fee based, and iNACOL recommends you shop carefully. Some places for you to start your search are listed below. Inclusion in this list does not constitute endorsement by iNACOL.


Like grants, donations can come in all shapes and sizes and from a wide variety of sources. Small and large, restricted and unrestricted, cash and in-kind donations can all be part of the funding puzzle.